Monster Pencil Case Tutorial

My first tutorial ever.  monster pencil bag

Why the Monster Pencil Case?  My daughter asked me to make a green lizard like pencil case for her art school pencils.  As usual, I attempted to come up with whatever my clever (spoiled) children ask me to make.  This was the pencil snap

She carried this little guy on her backpack through 4 years of college, so it held up amazingly well.  Hers has a metal snap frame closure.

I decided to make another one for my rotary cutter.  This time I used a metal zipper and he really looked fierce.   I have tried many methods for inserting the zipper, but I settled on the simple placing the whole zipper in the finished mouth piece and I do think that looks cutest.  I will add the metal frame clasp to the tutorial, but I’ll do that after I see if this first pattern works.  The last two pages are the pattern pieces.  The instructions can just be viewed on your computer as there are 16 pages of pictures.

Click here monster pencil bag for the pattern. 20150227_152727