Moving to Buffalo, NY


Buffalo house by Becky

Time has really crept up on me.  It seems like I have always had years to ponder leaving Houston, my friends, my family, and my native State of Texas.  I have lived in Houston or in another major Texas city for a total of 58 out of my 60 years on this planet.  Most of my family still live here. My ancestors have been here since the beginning of the Texas Republic.

Why Buffalo?  My sweet hubby grew up in Buffalo, and for 36 years has held on to the dream to move back to where his family and his heart lives.  We bought his family home and are renovating it to retire in. Working at NASA, we never had the option to leave.  Then the kids were growing up…. time passes, but our dream never did.

Original kitchen with coal burning stove.

I love Buffalo, and have since I first visited in 1985. Our kids love Buffalo and would move there if they could.  Everything about it feels like home when I am there.  I love the cold (so far), and the age and history of the city is amazing.  Being so close to Canada is great.  I look forward to spending more time traveling to my favorite places on the east coast and exploring many more.

I will still be making my favorite dolls and purses for Space Montrose.  They have been so kind to me and I love them like family.  Plus I will be traveling back to Houston quite a bit, so I cannot say goodbye.

Along with all the big changes coming up, I have really struggled with depression this last year.  My creative juices have gone dry and motivation is gone.  Believe me, I know I’m not the only one that feels hopelessness and sadness at the state of our country.  When you add a major life changing move and other life upheavals, it isn’t surprising I’m having issues.

In conclusion, I’m moving at the end of March 2019.  Though it seems a long time from now, I know how fast that time goes past.  This may be my last quilt market….or maybe I’ll come back each year.  I’m so unsure of what is up ahead but I’m going to keep an open heart and head and see what happens.

Upper Porch life

Starting in March, this is where Ben, the cats and I will be enjoying the spring.

Liberty Hound Bloody Mary
I love being on the water having drinks.
Me and shark girl
Great view from the Buffalo River.
Real fall weather